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89 200q (brake flush, AC blower, and intermittant idle problem)

Hey all, 

    I called the shop today and upon hearing that the Pentosin went into the
brake reservoir, my mechanic told me to get my tush down to the shop ASAP. He
would squeeze me in, even though he was incredibly busy. So.. as I sit here,
hopefully the Q is getting it's fluid flushed. 
    Now.. that brings me to the remaining problems that require attention.
(1) AC blower. It was working intermittantly a few weeks ago. Kind of had a
mind of it's own. The condensor seems fine, just the blower. Now it has stopped
working entirely.

(2) The engine has started to idle extremely high. I'll stop, at a light or
what have you, and the engine will not return to normal idle. If I tap the
accelerator, the needle flares up a touch and then drops back to normal. 
This seems to happen at about 2/3 of the stops I make. Now.. I've noticed two
possibly related tid-bits. The cruise has crapped out and there seems to be
alot of vibration in the accelerator pedal that I don't remember. Maybe it's
just because I've been driving the new A6, but this seems unusual to me. 
    I don't think this has anything to do with it, but I first noticed the
cruise control failure a few minutes after I hit a large blue plastic
thing-a-ma-bobbber on the expressway. It was dark and this thing flew out from
underneath the Bonnie in front of me. She pulled over, and so did I. NO visible
damage to the Q and only a light blue scrape on the front spoiler of the
bonnie. A few minutes later.. I'm back on the highway.. and I noticed that I
have no cruise. Coincidental or related?

Working on the Q makes me nervous. I know I could have bled the brakes myself..
all it would require is a manual pressure pump and some common sense. OH.. and
jackstands.. ratchets.. etc..  This time though.. It needed to be done ASAP 
with no fooling around. But if the engine idle problem is something simple, or
the ac blower for that matter. I probably can handle it. Even if it is complex,
the advice you fellow qlisters have given me has been passed on to my mechanic
and we have both found you guys extremely knowledgeable. Since he works
primarliy on Mercedes Benz, as per his training, his expertice isn't in Audis.
I don't think he even has a wiring diagram for the 200q yet (but that hasn't
stopped him from fixing things). So... when (and if) I schedule an appointment
with Mr.Smith, any leads on where to start looking for the problem? I'm having
trouble with my internet connection, but I'm going to try and search the
Archives again tonight. 

                          Thanks guys! :) -Osman 89 200q 
                                                 96 A6
                                                 and some other non-audis