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Re: Lawson & Breather Hose

> > > What are the symptoms of a VERY bad crankcase breather hose on a 200Q??
> > > Is there any way that this will affect boost? Anyone know the approx
> > > cost of a new one? Is it a pita to replace? Thanks.
> > 
> > Mike - the primary symptom is a cruddy idle, probably with lots of 
> > stalling, especially when hot.  Retail for the big hose on my 200 is 
> > $48, but you can get it for much less.  Don't forget to replace the 
> > multi-port hose on top of the rocker arm, too, as it also turns to 
> > much and cracks.
> Does this apply to the 20V NA engines also? My 90Q20V is having
> a hot start and hot run problem with stalling and marginal idle.
> That's why I was trying to replace the &^&!%@*&^#!@*^!*@&^# plugs.

Not having driven one, I can't say, but the price is right to check!! 
Directions  :-)  :

1)  Insert cold brewski firmly in hand;
2)  Approach car, muttering "FINE car, NICE car, AUZGEZEICHNET 
3)  Pop hood
4)  Run hand over hoses while reducing level of fluid in brown glass 

We should all have to do this procedure.........

I've found the bottom hose and the multi-port hose on the rocker 
cover (10V model) turn to mush and/or crack...)


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