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I need My AC!!!!

Good afternoon,

I have been to my friendly Audi Mech. and He says I have a leak in my
A/C condensor and I should get a new 'receivor drier'?  My Q is a 86-4k,
with 148k miles on it, pulls strong, but no COLD air!!!!

It will blow cool/simi-cold air when at idal (I can rev the enigne to
shut-off still cool) but once I start driving it starts to cut out all
the way.  These are the sound I hear-- compresor kicking on and off
about 45~240sec intervals, whushhhing noise from glove box area???)  Its
been running kinda since the last charge which has lasted about
5-6weeks?  Heres the kicker, this is also whats happening.  While
driving ONLY my overheat light will flicker while starting off quickly,
turning hard, or bumps, even when cold.  I checked the coolent level and
is full, the temp. gauge never read any higher then a little past 2/3,
and oil temp has never gone past 130ish.  If car is standing for 20min
no light and the motor gets hoter then when driving which I belive to be
normal.  Any sugs, Its brand new anti-frezze 50/50??

Please send any info you have I roasting in my Q
And don't want to replace the condesor if its not needed!!

Thank You All,
John Seitz


BTW-  Just read "How long should a V8 last" Whats the norm for the 4kq 
line, I've heard horror stories about the I5 having a short life?? My 
has about 150kmiles so far and eats no oil, but idels rough??  Oh well, 
my last car (vw-TurboDiesal Jetta 83 RIP-204,500miles!!)