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RE: '93 S4, dealers to avoid

At the local dealer (Barrier) an aligment is around $100.
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>From: 	Michael Spiers[SMTP:mikes@specnet.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, July 09, 1996 7:08 AM
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>Subject: 	FS: '93 S4, dealers to avoid
>HBL in Northern VA has a black '93 S4 on their lot, something around 27,000
>miles.  Looks pretty, needs one rear tire (odd huh?) but elsewise looks
>perfect.  Said it was a local trade on a Mercedes.
>If ya buy it there, take it somewhere else to get it serviced.  HBL is still
>to their old tricks, finding things wrong that just aren't wrong.  Does $250
>for an alignment seem high to anyone else?  ("Well Mr. Spiers, there was an
>extra $100 because one of your tie rod ends was frozen."  "Really.  Which
> "Umm, the left one."  "That's got 27 miles on it, I replaced it this
> "Umm, oh, sorry, it was the right one."  "I replaced both of them."  "Ummm,
>oh, sorry it was the inner one."  "You guys aligned it five months ago, maybe
>it was torqued too tight then?"  "Oh, no sir!"  "OK, so, an alignment
>takes you guys 2 to 3 hours per car you said, right?"  "Correct."  "So, you
>to spend an _extra_ two hours to free this 'frozen' tie rod end right?"
> "Correct."  "And when I dropped it off at 8 this morning, you told me not to
>stick around because you had two cars to align first, wouldn't even look at
>mine 'till at least noon, right?"  "Correct."  "And it's now 12:30 and you've
>got the other two cars AND mine done already?"  "Yessir!")
>On the possitive side, they cleaned my windows & put this shiny, silicone
>on my tires that took me an hour to scrub off.
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