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Re: QTC: Starter issues

Dan Masi wrote:

> I'm jumping in here not having read the original description
> of the wiring, but I want to add a general statement here.
> A relay which is rated at 30 amps means that the relays *contacts*
> can switch 30 amps.  Has nothing to do with the coil, and one
> wouldn't expect the coil to feel particularly warm just because the
> relay is switching more than its rated current.
> You run the risk of heating at the contacts, though.  They will
> eventually get dark and corroded, and will exhibit finite
> resistance.  With a larger-than-rated current flowing through
> them, this in turn translates to heat, possibly a lot of it.
> Besides simple reliability issues, there's the chance of electrical
> fire when using components for greater-than-rated currents.
> I'd be leary...


Sorry for the confusion . . . I'll clarify:

The term "coil" was referring to the ignition coil.  I disconnected it so that the engine wouldn't start and I
could have an extended cranking time.  It was the relay that I was feeling for temperature after running quite
a bit more than the rated current through it.


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