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Re: Leather Sport Seat We

At 12:04 AM 7/10/96 -0640, you wrote:
> HKravec@aol.com writes:

>     You might give AAA small car world in Texas a call, they
>     advertised 2 or 3 V8Q's that they're parting out. Maybe
>     able to get a good deal on the whole seat.
>     BCNU
What a joke!  Does anyone have any experience with these guys?  I called
them and after being bounced around between a few salesmen, they told me to
call back and ask for "Victor."  Victor thought that maybe they had "an
Audi."  Kept saying, "What model?"  To which I'd reply, "1990 Audi V8
Quattro."  "No," he said, "what MODEL?"

Finally he said they might have one of those and what did I want?  "Fax me a
list," Victor said, "and I'll get back to you today."

I faxed him a list.  That was on 6/13.  I still haven't heard from him.


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8