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Questions about'86 4KQ mods

   Questions from a newcomer... 
1-If I want to turbocharge my new 80,000 mi. '86 4KQ, is it advisable to
use a turbo from another Audi 5 cylider engine...it would seem to be a
simple switch...or are there other, better applications available? (I don't
notice many people on this list w/.tubocharged 4ks...too crowded under the
hood? Transmission can't handle it? You'd think it would be a common
modification. Or is it better to start by opening up the exhaust system?)  
2-Any suggestions on firming up the suspension, different tires..street use
only? I just bought the car; it's currently set up stock...too much body
roll, too much rebound. 
Thanks in advance...  
'86 4KCSQ 
94 Taurus SHO