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'85 TQC Book Value

     Ok guys, I had a fairly big accident on Monday evening in my '85 
     ur-quattro. The car is at a repair shop waiting for the insurance adjuster. 
     The accident was entirely my fault and luckily no one else was involved and 
     considering how hard I hit the concrete barrier I have nothing but praise 
     and disbelief at the strength of the car. However, Audi parts being Audi 
     parts, I know the car will be very close to a write-off. So, I am looking 
     for data on any ur-quattro's currently for sale in North America (US and 
     Canada), ideally low mileage (<60K miles) and very good to excellent 
     condition. I need prices and contact numbers. I know there are web pages of 
     adverts so if some one can let me know the site addresses I'll check them 
     out. Also if anyone knows the "book" value of an '85 in A1 condition I 
     would greatly appreciate the figure and source of the data.
     I'll post a full description of what happened when I get a bit more time.
     Thanks and regards, Mike