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Snow Tires

I live in the North Shore area outside of Boston. Winter here is unpleasant to say the 

Last winter I bought a set of Michelin XMS 330 195/65-15 snow tires for my 88 5kcsqw.
Not wanting to spend $ for a set of steel rims, I had the Michelins mounted on the 
Fuchs 7x15 rims which came with my Q.

The XMS 330 is an H rated, directional, high performance winter tire which looks just 
like the OEM tires on my (deceased) Range Rover. 

Large tread blocks, with about 1/4" between and many small sipes in each block. Sharp 
edges in the biting direction, steep staggered tread walls on the inboard and outboard 
edges of the tread. They are not much noiser than all season treads on dry pavement. 
Dry condition steering and cornering is quite good.

Winter driving on these tires is an as much of a pleasure as it could be , making the 
snowstorms an interesting sport driving experience with the Quattro. When Volvos, 
Saabs, and Police cars can barely move uphill, I just drive away. Deep rain and wet 
road conditions rarely slow me down with tires, the resistance to hydroplaning and 
cornering power when wet is amazing.

IMO the Michelin XMS 330 is a great tire for about $95 ea. (mail order).

I will never again drive my car during winter in New England without snow tires. 
An extra bonus is now I can run D40M2's in the summer. Serious traction is available 
with these on dry roads! 

Our other car is an 87 5ksw fwd 130hp. Fast and fun, but much different than the 

Had aging P500's which were replaced with 185/70-14 Michelin XMS 130 winter tires last 

The XMS 130 is also a directional tire. It has smaller tighter tread blocks, lots of 
small sipes, amd more rounded edges than the 330. Wide circumfrential grooves. The 
tread is deeper than that of all season type tires. These are super quiet and smooth 
riding tires with great directional stability on the highway. Snow performance is real 
good. Wet performance is great, no pull thru puddles. The XMS 130 works so well all the 
time that were not going to change them off for summer. She doesn't drive the car hard 
thru corners so not worried about grinding them off on hot pavement.

I recommend the XMS 130 as an excellent all year short distance commuter for non 
agressive use in the warm season. I think these were about $90.

Snow tires are an investment in survival. Buy some if you live in freezng winter 
conditions and want to be properly equipped.

Gil Ceniceros

88 5kcsqw: pearl, suede sport seats, fuchs, no rack, who knows how many miles?
87 5ksw : stealthy stone grey, runs like a champion at 130k miles