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Re: Snow Tires

Glen Powell wrote:
> Also
> there is a tire from Finland, I can't remember the name but have seen them
> on cars in Colorado and advertised in the back of EC, is H rated but I don't
> have any experience with them.
> Nokia is the company, Hakkapelliita (sp?) 10 is the model. Most awesomest snow tahr I've used! You will not 
> get stuck in a Q unless you seriously high-center it. Very agressive, directional tread and not too noisy. 
> Seems to wear a looong time too. VERY popular for winter stages on Pro-Rally cars. An excellent and less 
> expensive second choice is the Gislaved Frost II from Sweden, They *DO* know about snow & ice in Finland and 
> Sweden.....
> -glen

I can second the recommendation for the NordFrost II from Gislaved.  I bought four of them, had them studded, 
and mounted on the stock 14" wheels.  Those suckers kept my FWD GT moving like a quattro all winter.  (Even 
around a couple of stuck Subarus!)  And after about 14K miles on these things, the tread and studs look 
_almost_ new!

The part I found rather amusing was that I bought these Swedish snow tires from Discount Tire in Arizona, for 
use in the Pacific Northwest.  If that isn't a convoluted travel plan, I don't know what is!

'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR

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