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RE: How to break in my new A4?

Audi will only pay for "scheduled" oil changes.  1000 mile, 7500 miles, etc.  
They want you to come to the dealer for the ones inbetween.  Let me tell you: 
jack up the front, drop the underbody tray with about 8 screws/bolts the 
filter is right in the front and so is the drain plug.  15-20 minutes, no 
prob.  and the oil drops out free and clear of the car.  No weird angles, etc. 
 Works best with a 2 1/2 ton jack.

Jon Linkov
Blue A4Q

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> >  3. How soon should I do the first oil change?
> Whenever the owners manual says the first scheduled maintainance
> is.  Usually at 1K miles.

However, the owner manual says that the first scheduled oil change is at 
75,000 miles.
And every 75,000 miles the dealer will help us to do check up and oil change.

I thought we need to do oil change every 3K miles or every 3 months 
whichever comes first. 

So.... is it mean that we need to do the oil change by ourselves????
I thought we don't need to do any maintenance for our A4Q :( by 


87 Alfa Romeo (Milano)
96 A4Q