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Re: 5spd shifter recentering question

   << I've decided to fix every last little problem on the car out of an eerie
	compulsion to rid it completly of peksy glitches, like a crazed
	in a bughouse: >>

   You are skating on thin ice. Audis are like English cars. Any attempt to fix

Yeah, but at least English Electrics work . . . mostly . . .

   everything only encourages parts that work perfectly well to break
   spontaneously. It is better to leave some inconsequential item broken rather
   than trying to achieve a 100% car. Like a "Perfect 10," an Audi that has no
   problems is only a theoretical (and non-stable) state of being.

A Journalist Formely Known As Satch Carlson wrote a column lo these many
moons ago in which he was bemoaning the boring reliabilty of modern cars
(especially the Japanese brands, as I recall) . . . one of his suggestions
was the LucasSwitch -- turn it on and it will randomly and sporadically
pick some component (wipers, starter, fuel pump, etc.; nothing [serious]
that any true HeMan can't fix with a hammer, some duct tape and an alli-
gator clip or three...) and fail it. you know, Kinda put the Adventure &
Romance back into Driving.