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Re: It's always the last bolt. . .

Mike--try in this sequence:

        1.  Spraying liberally with Liquid Wrench or CRC 656.  Let it soak
for 24 hours (reapplying spray from time to time).

        2.  Try *tightening* nut, then backing it off.  If no movement,
don't further bugger the flats.

        3.  Heat with propane tourch, tap with lead-head mallet, then hit
with a blast of Freon (gasp!).  (The Audi Gods can work *that* out with the
Environmental Gods).  DO NOT inhale fumes of freon hitting hot metal.
Phosgene gas, I'm told.  We'll ventilated, yattie, yattie, yattie,
disclaimers apply, my wife owns everything I use and I'm poor as a
churchmouse but have a killer-lawyer brother in law.  (Does that cover my

        4.  Repeat sequence.

Doug Terman
186,000 miles/sec:  It's not just the law, it's a good idea!