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Smog check

Well, my audi failed the smog check I guess I have low compression in the 
4th and 5th cylinders that is xcausing it to emit too much co2 and 
something else.  They said the fuel mixture is too rich.  This happened 
last year and they said it was just out of adjustment. I went to a 
mechanic I trusted(a different one had messed it up) who adjusted it and 
it passed.
Unfortunately after last years smog check I had a leaking head gasket 
replaced by the same mechanic who screwed the fuel mix up previously (I 
was obviously disoriented or possibbly brain dead when I brought it to 
him!!!so stupid!!!!!!!!) I could tell it was not running smoothly when I 
got it back.
Anyway this year I took it back to the trustworthy mechanic and they were 
able to adjust it somewhat but said that the compression was low, as I 
said before and that it was not simply an adjustment problem.  I would 
have them do the work but they dont do valve work on Audi's  and I won't 
take it back to the mechanic from hell.  Does anyone know what is wrong 
with this car--do not, i repeat, DO NOT, TELL ME I NEED A NEW CATALYTIC 
CONVERTER, cause I will cry.
The test readings were fine at the RPM of 2500 but the car registered 
more than twice the maximum allowable "HC PPM" and more that 3 times the 
maximum allowed CO2 at idle speed.
I hope this makes sense, probable not but give me you best shot of advice