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re: 1990 90CQ questions


A few comments.

(1) you appear to receive little service for $1000.  Find a cheaper
repair source.

(2) Another $1000 will not make your car new.

(3) Financially, even if you spend $2000 to put it in VERY good 
condition (shocks, bushings, bearings, cam belt, misc repairs),
yor have invested about 4 months lease payments.  Is a new car worth
that much more to you?  Your 90CQ handles and accelerates
as well as an A4Q (I have a 1991 90Q20V - basically the same car).

(4) The 20V 5-cyl will generally run 200k miles, as will the tranny
and clutch.  Since the clutch is a $1000 proposition, maybe you could
have it checked?

I'd keep it.