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Re: Satch Carlson

> Any idea what Satch is up to now?  He was the best columnist at AutoWeek (and
> has yet to be equaled).
> I should have reported this earlier but the Transportation section of the
> Chicago Tribune for Sunday 14 April 96 had an article about the Rally of the
> Lost Patrol run by Satch Carlson.  Good artilce and by the way there was a
> photo of Satch's car - a Mars Red TQC!
That's interesting ... I thought he was a big Saab fan.  Now that I think 
about it I seem to recall that his other car was a quattro of some sort ...

It is too bad that Satch isn't in AW anymore.  You'd think that with so many 
people remembering him after he's been gone so long that they'd call him back 
after things blew over ... of course he may not want to come back too ...

I enjoy reading Denise Mcluggage (sp?) too, but IMHO there hasn't been anyone 
that's taken Satch's place at AW since he left.  I even let my subscription 
lapse for a while because I wasn't interested in reading what they had ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)