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RE: shocks for CQ 90

Suspension on my CQ is getting noisy, too, particularly the "wish I had
new bushings, Konis and H & Rs" comments passing my lips. Gets tiresome
listening to yourself complain. You might check the bushings, including
the ones at the top of the shocks, before you replace anything.

Conventional wisdom (at least my recollection of what has passed my
screen from this list) has it that the gas-adjust Konis are the way to
go, that Bilsteins are not available for our CQs. The D&W catalog I just
got is confusing to a non-German reading 'murican like me, but it
appears there are Bilsteings in it for our CQs. Boge Turbo Gases have
gotten panned on this list. Price? Not sure yet, not at that point on my
upgrade odyssey yet.

I would think that doing anything but replacing with stock would
indicate doing all four, not just rears. If you go with gas shocks, they
usually raise the car a bit, might be time to go with lower springs to
counteract the lift (unless you're going for that dorF 4x4-in-the-sky
look so favored by the "mine's bigger" crowd). What appears to be the
convetional wisdom on this list has Koni gas and H & R springs the way
to go, with Bilstein and Eibach the next choice, giving a harsher ride
without necessarily returning any performance gains.

Past experience has pointed out the benefit of replacing the bushings at
the same time as doing any other suspension work. Gives that "new car"
feel, quiets the whole thing down, too.

Fortunately, the participants in this list will surely give you a
reality check on my comments...

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe Quattro 20v

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>Subject: 	shocks for CQ 90
>the rear shocks are getting noisy on my CQ. Has anyone out there
>them with Bilstein or Koni or similar, and what are the results. How
>do the stock ones cost?