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Re: Bomb Warning removal <- Darwin was right.

At 02:44 PM 7/15/96 -0400, you wrote:
>   >I would like to point out that a bad bomb is not a random inconvenience,
>   >it seriously annihilates your ability to control ("modulate") the brakes
>   >in an emergency/panic situation.
>   Ummmm.... I've never had a problem modulating my brakes with my dead 
>   bomb...
>able to handle that [excuse the french...] "HOLYSHITTHATASSHOLEPULLED-

Agreed with all of the above, to which I can add...  Have you ever tried to
stop a car with power disk brakes and no power assist?  Unless you are
Schwartzenegger, you'll find it very difficult.  Here's a test...   Find a
nice empty street and get a friend to help you.  release all the bomb
pressure, and get your friend to push you in the car and apply the brakes to
stop the car, then imagine how that would feel at above 5 MPH, or at 60 MPH.  

Keep in mind that you could find yourself in that situation if the pump
fails (of cousre Audi hydraulic pumps never fail, do they), belt breaks
(Audi belts never break either), or engine quits (IGN module, etc).  Power
brakes without power aren't brakes; you might as well pull a Fred
Flintstone, if you lose the pump and have a bad bomb.

 - Mitch Loescher