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Re: quattro-digest V3 #721

>Has anyone ever had hydraulic hoses made for their power steering?  If
>so about how much should I expect to pay and will it hold up? TIA
My wifes 1988 Audi 80 (4 cyl) had a pinhole which sprayed the entire 
engine compartment with power steering fluid every time we ran the car.  
This leak went on for almost a year due to the high cost of replacing the 
line from the dealer and the lack of suitable replacements from 
boneyards.  Finally I got a bright idea and called some of the hydraulic 
hose repair places in the yellow pages.  The were listed under heavy 
(construction) equipment repair.  They were'nt sure about repairing the 
line, but told me to bring it down and they would have a look.  So I 
removed the line and took it to them fittings and all.  The man at the 
counter looked at it in disbeleif and told me that the hose AUDI was 
using was not made to withstand the conditions in an engine compartment.  
He told to wait a few and he would see what he could do.  A mere 30 
minutes later, I was holding a new High Temp / High Pressure line with my 
old fittings on it, and only $40 had left my pocket.  I am happy to 
report that the line has held for the last year and a half with no 
further leaks or problems. :)