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Re: Bomb Warning removal

In a message dated 96-07-15 14:58:31 EDT, you write:

<< panic-stop situation. Racing is one thing; you know when the next ap-
 plication of brakes is gonna be needed [usually...] and can get into
 it smoothly; little kids popping out from behind parked cars tend to
 be unscheduled events handled reflexively. For MOST people (and I in-
 clude myself), driving with a bad bomb is driving with BAD BRAKES and
 is tantamount to CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE (assuming you've read my diatribe).
 The 10 or 20 (and I think that is optimistic) feet the bad bomb *will*
 typically cost most drivers' stopping distance CAN BE life-or-death.
....  Totally agree....  I have had to snip the HP belt while on a business
trip....  Actually, the bomb held out almost all the way thru Indiana....
 But I did hit rush hour traffic in Chicago, and the above was ALWAYS in my
mind....  I can leg press some serious weight, and have driven race cars
without them, but 3600lbs with a bad bomb is just asking your liability
insurance for a hit, especially considering how much help 2400psi does for a
23.8mm master cyl....  DO NOT take anyones word for it, this debate has
trickled more than a few times here.....  Non believers, snip the HP belt
next time it needs to be replaced and go for a drive, there is no debate on
this one (and do fix before the other half takes it for a crash drive)....
 Do not compromise safety and liability based on advice from this list,
coming back here with the opposite BTDT experience will not be fun with this