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RE: Timing belt

Mike Miller (Volt) (Exchange), a-mikemi@Exchange.MICROSOFT.com wrote:

>any special tools needed?? I have all the air tools and metric stuff.
>Just need to get the manual. How about setting the tension?? I remember
>doing this on my Fiat 124 *by the book* and the belt jumped and bent 4
>valves!! Shop says "oh yeah, always need to add a litttle more tension
>than the tensioner applys"

Definitely get a service manual. You will need this countless times in 
the future for torque specs., etc. as well as how to set/test the tension 
of the timing belt. Usually, tension on the timing belt is checked at a 
certain point (as outlined in manual) by twisting the belt with your 
thumb and index finger. You should JUST be able to twist it 90 degrees.

IMPORTANT: it is very unwise to perform any major(ish) service procedure 
without a reference manual.


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