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THREE S4's available in Minneapolis!

Hey Q gang in search of used S4's,

I was at Carousel Imports earlier today and they have 3 used S4's
on the lot at the moment.  ALL have LOW miles (I think they were
all under 40k on the clock.)

1992 S4  (Tornado Red on black... trip 'puter)

1993 S4  Emerald Green on Ecru  (15" all season tire/wheels)

1994 S4  Silver on black w/ rear deck spoiler.  Looks nice.

All cars appear to be in very good condition.

For more info, call Carousel at 612-544-9591  (talk to Roger
Evanson.. he's a nice guy -we bought our S4 from him last July).

As usual, the standard disclaimers apply....




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