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Re: Consumer Reports on Oil (kinda long) (fwd)

On Jul 17,  8:50am, ScharfR@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: Consumer Reports on Oil (kinda long) (fwd)
> In a message dated 96-07-15 10:52:03 EDT, dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan
> writes:
> << There's no change at 1k; the first recommended oil change
>  happens at 7.5k >>
> There was formerly a scheduled service at 1000 miles, consisting
> of an oil change and general look around.  It was discontinued
> _during_ the current model year.

True, but it was my understanding that the 1000 mile service
for the A4Q *never* included an oil change... it was supposed to
be just a general check and test drive to make sure everything
was looking OK.

Dan Masi