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Re: Consumer Reports on Oil (kinda long) (fwd)

>From: drobbins @ net2net.com (David Robbins) @ SMTP
>Actually, the current sales cycle ends August 30; they run in 4 month cycles
>Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sep-Dec.  If he wanted you to pick it up by the end of
>Aril, he was squeezing everything into the last cycle.  BTW, did you get a
>portion of the $1000 holdback they got for your sale?

Ummm, holdback?? Damn, rooked again!! If it wasn't such a wonderful car that 
would be painful! I looked at a couple of "pricing services" before buying and 
none mentioned the holdback, but OTOH their prices were pretty accurate. 
Sources: AAA "auto pricing plan" and Edmunds' (free) holdback webpage.

Thanks for the info,