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Dead 5kTQ Diagnostic quiz

My 1986 5KCSTQ died last night 8-(
It's very uncool to arrive home at 10:00PM in a noisy diesel powered flat bed
with fifty orange strobes flashing and the two way radio blasting out messages.
I could just imagine the neighbors declaring to their SO, "see!!, I told you 
you can't trust them foreign cars".

I have not yet tried to do any diagnosis, but I figured if I described the 
symptoms here, I would have plenty of suggestions to check out when I get home.

I'm cruising along enjoying the ride, AC off, windows open, headlights on.
After 30 minutes, I come into a town, wait at a couple sets of lights, 
everything is perfect.  Next set of lights is red, I wait, they turn green, I 
pull away, the car has no power, is missing and stumbling, I get 50 yards at 
10 mph before I pull over.  The engine staggers on for a few seconds and then 
dies.  I turn the key, it fires right up, runs rough for a few seconds, then 
dies.  Then the oil warning symbol comes on.  Also the fuel gauge is showing
quarter full and I know it's nearly a full tank.  Dial up channel 11 on the 
climate control and read 8.2 volts.  Turn the key again, interior lights dim,
no starter action. I checked the battery connections and the oil level, they 
both seem fine.

Call AAA.

This morning I checked channel 11 again and it read 10.2 volts and there is no
oil warning symbol, so I tried the starter.  Fired right up but ran rough with 
low tick over speed.  If I held the throttle to get 2000 rpm it smoothed out.
Now low battery symbol came up on the display.  At no time did the red ignition
light stay on with the engine running, so I assume the alternator is not 
totally dead.

This seems to be a voltage related issue?  
Either the battery is not being charged, or the battery itself is majorly 
screwed ?

Suggestions, comments, things to check??
All input welcome.