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Re: S6 plus info

> From the Audi brochure on the S6 plus:
> It comes in two exclusive colors:  Misano Red pearl and Nogaro Blue pearl.  It
> doesn't have any chrome/brightwork, except for two small "S6 plus" badges on
> grill and rear.  Deeper front spoiler, wider flares on the fenders.  Xenon
> projectors for lights.  255/40 ZR 17 tires (Dunlop 8000's in the photos)

Souns totally cool!

> Interior:  Blue, light gray or anthracite faced gauges, carbon fibre or walnut
> interior, three spoke sport leather steering wheel w/S6 plus badge.
> Leather/Alcantara or Leather seats
> Mechanicals:  6 speed tranny, 4.2 l V8 w/326 HP and 400 Nm @ 3500 rpm.
> intake manifold, and naturally quattro.
> Performance:  electronic max 250 km/h, 0-100 k / 5.6 secs (5.7 for the Avant)
> Weight:  Sedan  1695 kg; Avant 1745 kg
> Prices:  w/o the 15% tax  Sedan 101,130.43 DM  Avant 104,782.60  (just
> under$70,000)  Then you get to load up on goodies like: radios, A/C, etc

How many people want to play POWERBALL or something and then we can order 10-20
and get them US spec'd out? (well maybe I should just stick to organizing the NE
event right now)


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