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RE: Noo tars

> I would think the increase in width and reduced aspect ratio of the 205s
> would handle better than the 195s, even with their V speed rating,
> although the 195s might be stickier (and worse wearing) because of their
> Z rating. I would opt to be Tire Racks PITA-of-the-day and get what you
> ordered.

The stickiness of the tires have no relationship with the speed rating.
You can have sticky H-rated tires and concrete-like Z-rated tires. You can
claim generally that cheaper tires are less sticky than more expensive
ones, but it's generally not possible to tell the stickiness by the speed
rating of the tire. The speed rating only tells if the compound is stable
with the heat and withstand the circular force generated during high speed

For that matter, "Z" is not really a speed rating at all. "Z" was
way to rate tires in the old day -- "beyond 150mph" doesn't say much if
you really think about it. That's like politicians say "we'll look
into the matter." There are now "W" and "Y" (and "X"?) that properly tells
the speed rating limit of the tires.

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