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re: A/C recharging

That's interesting.  I was at NAPA the other day in Seattle and while waiting to
get some fuses I was reading a notice sent out to all the NAPA dealers 
from some sort of HQ.  I THOUGHT it said you couldn't sell R-12 to anyone
who didn't have some kind of special license.  Anyway, it was a warning not
to sell some kind of refrigerent to civilians and indicated that gov. reps. had
been checking.  

    -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)
    '91 200 Quattro (FOR SALE)
    '90 Mazda 626 Touring Sedan GT, 59.4K, 

>Anyone know what year they stopped using R-12 in the A/C?? Found 4 cans
>of R-12 the other day and am curious if they will work in either my 91
>200Q or a 91 Caprice. Seems to me they discontinued R-12 prior to that,
>but I am not sure. Cans are OLD - they sold for $1.29!!!