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Looking for a temporary listmeister

Since I'll be away in Europe from 8/4 to 8/26, I have two options.
I can put the list on autopilot and hope it doesn't break, or I can
assign a substitute listmeister.  Any volunteers?  What you will have to
do is sort through about 50-100 messages a day (maybe less if I leave my
filters on and just forward to you) and approve sub/unsub messages that
are out of the ordinary, and redirect errant souls to the correct
address for those operations.  This is all done via email.
So, if you think you can handle the job and are willing to do this, let
me know, and also tell me what kind of email system you are on.  I would
prefer that someone who is on a dedicated connection (as opposed to
something like AOL) get the job since it's easier to do these as they
come in than to sit there for an hour...


| Dan |

PS - the 4000sq should get its new engine this weekend.  Hopefully I'll
be driving it by Wednesday, just in time to park it for 4 days while I
go on a business trip.  Grrr...