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Re: Crazed Alarm System

In reply to my question, the Hon. Andrew Duane sent:

> > After replacing the lock link on the driver's door handle of my 1990 
> > 200, the alarm system has become crazed.  
> > 
> > Often, it does not DIS-arm when entering the car.  Sometimes if the 
> > car is not locked, and I exit and re-enter, it goes off from that 
> > entry.

> In addition to the lock mechanism itself, there is an electrical
> switch that controls the alarm. Perhaps it is slightly out of 
> alignment, so that it doesn't always connect when you turn the key.
> If the passenger door works OK all the time, this is the problem.

That's probably it.  Is the swtch activated by a toothed half-moon 
shaped mechanism which interlocks with the lock ring on the back end 
of the lock cylinder?  If so, I know which one it is....do you have 
suggestions on specific adjustment??

YAR!  I gotta take the $*I%^%* door panel out again to get at 

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