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RE: quattro-digest V3 #736

I think the QCUSA thing is 8/18-20. I will hopefully be in the delivery
room, or perhaps visiting the maternity ward then, so the 27th would be
better for me. Still trying to figure out if the 27th will work at all,
but it's looking good so far.

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>> OK, How slim are the chances we can move the NE Meeting from the 27th? 
>> Move it up a couple of weeks??? THat is the weekend of the Pro Rally 
>> (Maine), and the Olympics etc etc... I would like to go, but I think the 
>> attendance might be low due to these circumstances. 
>> Anyone?
>> Bob
>If you want to move it, we should move it to August and have it at Lime
>before the event being held by the QCUSA. I'm not a member, but Richard
>mentioned it to me in a recent email. 
>Who know what the date is, and do you think the QCUSA will have any
>How many ye's and ne's?
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