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RE: Bosch W7 DTC vs Bosch Platinum?

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> I feel that performance is better with the tri-electrode verions of any plug Vs the single-electrod version of the same plug, seem to work better longer too.
> I use the W5DTC in the 85 ur-q because the '5' heat range is correct for the ur-q. The 5K/200 turbos use the '7' heat range, hence the W7DTCs in the big Qs. I fergit if the 5 or the 7 is hotter/colder......my guess is that the 5 is colder for less detonation at high boost.
> ???
> I have not tried the Bosch platins in any Audi. I did try the Bosch platinums in some other cars (supajus) with bad results and have not experimented with them since.
> -glen

Ned Ritchie at Intended Acceleration recommended the high performance
Bosch Platinums that come in the S4/6  F5DPOR.  Most auto parts people
that sell Bosch will look at you funny and say, "Where did you get that
part number?"  They will also tell you it has to be special ordered and
they are $20 a piece.  These are the regular Bosch Platinums.  Ned said
they last 100k miles and you never have to change them.  I got a good
price at IPC, but that was wholesale for $13.  I don't know what their
retail price is.  I'm still debating $3 for the W7DTC and changing them
for the next 4 years or get the high performance BP.  Supposedly they
don't foul which is why they are so expensive.

Nathan Belo

'88 90Q