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Despite all the "controversy" I went to the QCUSA Glen event (my first 
event with this club) to have some fun with my S6 avant. I concur with 
Frank Martins message- a well run club event, lots of track time, a 
great varity of Qs and thier owners. Anyone interested in learning 
first hand about the ability of thier Q (or their own driving ability) 
missed a good opportunity- one day in rain, and one in the Dry, on one 
of the best tracks around! 

For those who insist on flaming the club for any past sins (perceived 
or real), how about spending some of that negative energy doing 
something constructive- like joining the new regional chapters, running 
for the national board etc.  Help make any changes needed to make the 
club better.  The club has the basics in place, the addition of active 
regional chapters will only help.

BTW Karen Chadwick was in attendance and readily available for anyone
to talk to. I believe she may also be attending the next event at Lime 
Rock.  So...quit the bitchin, Signup, have a great time, and maybe get
a chance to have your questions answered in person.