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re: Selling '91 200Q/Long whine

>Just noticed your signature - finally got tired of the maintenance?
>On that note, how much did the 60K service come to at BMS? Did they do a
>good job?
>- peter
>Why are you getting rid of it? Too many problems or budget or what?
>91 200 Q
>	I'm almost afraid to ask, Eric, but why are you selling it
>	off?  Trouble, or other considerations?
>	-Arun
>	'91 200Q (44K)
>	'85 5KT (125K)
   A lot of people have asked, from prospective buyers to 
concerned fellow 200Q-ers.  I thought I'd use the shotgun
approach and just unload on everybody.  
   In a word, stuff breaking.  OK, so that's two words; I'm a heavy
   I had started to have my doubts when by June the Quattro
had been to Bellevue Motor Sports about 4 times in 6 months for
little annoying things.  First I think one of the window switches
started getting intermittent.  Then the transmission started leaking,
then another window switch died, then the driver's door lock
bit it.  
   So I was starting to consider the 190hp '92-'93 Maxima 5-speed,
a '94 Acura Integra GS-R 4-door, a Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan
or something like that.  Here is where I think I really pissed off the 
Audi Gods bad...  especially the Subaru, I bet.
Well, the same day I had these impure thoughts I started prepping 
the car for a trip to Mt. St. Helens.  The last 35-40 miles were 
supposed to be on gravel, so I thought the Q would really shine.  
Well, it was the power steering fluid that was shining on the 
ground.  That was probably it, right then and there for me.  I had 
to take the 626 and it managed just fine, but I was pissed.  
   I just don't have the time.  I don't have the time to do most of
the stuff myself.  I don't have the time to have the thing in the
shop monthly.  Not a bad car, but a bad car for me.  Too much
time in Japanese cars where I got used to them working, and 
working well all the time.  Either that or the Audi Gods were
too angry that I would make the jump from Mazda Protege to
'91 Audi 200 Quattro without having done time in a diesel Rabbit
or something.  Bad hubris to presume too much.  
   Heck of a salesman, aren't I?  But, we all know the list of stuff 
that goes wrong, on this list.  

   To answer your question, Peter, the cost of the 60K & timing
belt part of the service was $656.96.  Pretty reasonable I thought
compared to what I've been hearing about lately for 60K service.  
This included the 60K, timing belt, 3 other belts, 5 F5DPOR plugs
(@ $18/ea, instead of the earlier quoted $25), air filter, timing belt
tensioner, cap, and rotor.  However, they didn't feel that the water
pump or Oxygen sensor needed replacing, though I suggested it 
without insisting.  This also included a little more labor for taking
the bumper off to do the timing belt.  
Parts prices for the big things were as follows:
     timing belt: $51.05
     tensioner: $77.00
     cap: $31.05
   Actually the total cost of the whole thing was $1750, because I 
had the leaky power steering pump, a broken headlight and the
failing horn replaced.  Also two of the remaining window switches
in the driver's door.  Their two stablemates had died within a month
of each other so I just decided to dump them, too.  Should have
asked for the parts I guess.  
   They aren't as reasonable as Linda on the big parts:
     power steering pump: $297 Linda, $399 BMS
     headlight: $171 Linda, $220 BMS
   Oh, get the Hella horn.  I haven't seen you since it was installed,
but you've probably heard my car when I'm on the I-90 bridge and
you're in Redmond.  Maybe some of the list members in Portland 
can hear it, come to think of it.  

    -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)
    whining in Seattle
    '91 200 Quattro (for sale)
    '90 Mazda 626 Touring Sedan GT