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Re: Press releases & QCUSA

As a regular contributor to this list, here's my rant and rave on these
subjects.  Some of these feelings have been building for a while, so before
I start, I'll put my asbestos suit on...

While much of the content on this list is technical in nature and VERY
useful, there is way too much bandwidth used by people joking around,
letting conversations degrade to a useless level and bitching about "sales
pitches" and the way the QCUSA is run.

Many people over the past few days (and this is not the first time)
complained incessantly about the offer of Audi-oriented artwork by the
distributor of this artwork.  The people who have done this, and
subsequently led the conversation down a useless path, have used far more
bandwidth than the original poster ever did.  If you see something that
doesn't interest you, delete the damn message and get on with life...

Furthermore, this whole issue with QCUSA.  I'm amazed how people who won't
join QCUSA want to change the organization and want to see other people's
Quattro Quarterly (which we have paid for).  I sure hope this issue and
QCUSA doesn't rear its ugly head every three months.

I think this is a great list.  Unfortunately, at times it becomes very
unfocused.  It is these tangents that lower the quality.  I love my Audi and
have gained some very informative and useful data points from this group.  I
look forward to a long relationship with the car, this group and many of its

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