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Re: 5000 blower and steak knives

Did my V8 with part of the steak knife method.  Also removed the bottom screw with L driver and skinned 
knuckles, but did not replace it.  Did not remove any dash materials.  Did not cut duct, just 
compressed it and removed.

On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, rao@pixar.com (Arun Rao) wrote:
>	With all due respect to Eric's steak-knife method, it's not that much
>	more trouble to actually get the blower box out of the car. In my car, 
>	('85 5KT) I didn't have to cut the black duct  -- I was able to push
>	it back enough to get the blower box out.  Once you do this, the process
>	of replacing the blower motor is trivial.  (In my case, I *had* to do
>	this because I was replacing the heater core).
>	I'd be happy to elaborate further to anyone who's interested.
>	-Arun
>	PS: I'm told that the dash needs to come off on the non-turbo cars in order
>	to remove the blower box, thus making it a much bigger deal.
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