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Re: butt cooker mod! <and long...>

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

I put the leather seats from a wrecked 85 4kq in my 82 coupe last winter.  I
had to switch the seat position actuator from one side to the other under
each seat, it only required one (clumsy, def. not nuclear grade) weld. 
Someday I'll alter one seat to tilt forward (they're from a 4 dr...) but for
now, hey there's nuthin' like a mini skirted friend needing a ride home
trying to be graceful climbing over the front seats!
(political correctness disclaimer - if you're offended, delete message)

These seats were once heated.  I also removed the entire
switch/relay/connector harness in order to someday use that there butt-
cooker, in our -20 F winter weather.  No dice.  No current drawn on any
setting.  Has anyone repaired any of these things?  Am I missing something
obvious?  The switch lights up, the relays click, but no heat.

Comment:  On this one at least, the six positions are the six combinations
of three separate, different  current draw, heater wires. (0,1,2,1+2,3,1+2+3
) and as such your "infinitely variable" switch has not actually altered the
function of your butt stove.  Might actually have made it harder for you to
make the contacts meet properly.

I now spend most of my spare time worrying about the next pile of personal
issues that will come pouring into my mailbox from this list.  But they're
all important Audi (Ich Lieben Meinen Audi) issues to someone!  Hope I get a
chance to answer a question usefully someday...

But it's worth it!  without even a single mod to my car, it runs faster,
smoother, and prouder just by osmosis from this list.  (OK my throttle cable
was stretched too, and what does that litle switch do?)

Huw Powell

'82 Coupe and some yard sculpture
'73 F250 is yard sculpture

-------- REPLY, Original message follows --------

 seat heater switch  no longer had the six click stops, it is now infinitaly
variable.little ball bearing that created the stops flew out !   the
importance of an infinitaly variable butt cooker...

Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU