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Re: Re: July 27th event Moved to Sunday Aug 18

> Tim wrote:
> >     I agree.  My fiance would love to attend but I don't think I will go 
> >     unless non-qcusa people are allowed.  My assumption was that this is 
> >     not a qcusa event.  If members want to go to that then let them.
> >     Our event should be separate.
> Have to agree on this one.
> If non-qcusa members are not allowed to attend, then what's the point?? 
> Not everyone on this list is a member of the q-club.  The list
> event should be separate from the q-club event.  
> And what about all of us with non-quattro (oh no...god forbid) Audi's?? 
> Would we, and our cars, be blackballed at the q-club event?  
> Chris 
> 1988 90

I take responsibility for this one. Right now I am finding out if everything
will go as planned or because some of us are not QCUSA members (including me),
we will not be able to attend. 

This could be due to insurance or other things. I will have an answer by Monday
or Tuesday.

Sorry for all of the inconvenince.


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