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New 1991 200Q...

   I have it finally. A black '91 200Q. 59K miles, factory serviced, all
records, with years of enjoyment to come. I am looking forward to the
Q-club outing at lime rock park in august and hope to see other
Q-listers there with their cars. Family is also looking forward to the
event as well. STEARIC, good answers to your rebuttle from fletch,
showed alot of class. 

   I am amazed at the difference between my 200Q and my 4KSQ. Night and
day. I was even happy with the '854KSQ. But the 200Q has my wife wanting
to trade her LHS for either another 200Q or a '91 v8. I'd like her to
get a V8 just for variety. Mods are not something she is interested in,
just comfort and Quattro :-). Are other Q-listers happy with thier V8's?
Since the Chrysler spends a day in the shop every 2 mos. for something.
Lately it's for new injectors. 

   I must say that I enjoy the comraderie on the list as much as the
info. You all seem to be a real good group of people. Thank for
everything, and I look forward to many interesting conversations on the


1991 200Q
1995 LHS
1985 4KSQ