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Re: S4/S6 vs 200TQ 20 valve

I have one of each, '91 200TQ 20V and '94 S4,  both bought used with about
18k miles; the '91 now has 75k and the S4 22k.  I'm not too deeply into the
technicalities but the most noticeable differences to me are:

S4 is noticeably smaller, has less engine noise, a much smoother
transmission, somewhat less acceleration particularly at high
altitude(6000'), more (too much) power steering assist, slightly softer
suspension (maybe just due to tire differences?), slightly less stable feel
at highway speed particularly in a gusty cross wind, front seats with better
lateral support, a rather complex door locking system, and a better air
conditioning control system.

Both have excellent sound systems and are great cars to drive.

My '91 has been very reliable (of course the front brake rotors seem to be
warped but I decided I can live with them that way).  Only other problems
have been power steering pump leak at 40k miles (pump replaced under
warranty) and a popping noise in radio (Audi's fix kit solved problem).

The S4 has had no problems yet.

I also have a '86 5kCSQ with 150k miles which has been a super car!  I still
prefer the feel of its steering to either of the newer ones.

P.S.  I don't consider myself a Quattro junky, I just happen to need very
reliable, comfortable transportation for weekly commuting between the San
Francisco Bay Area and the Lake Tahoe area and a Quattro is almost an ideal
fit.  During the winter these commutes are often through Sierra snow storms
and my Quattros have never failed to make it yet.  

George Simmons