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how to install the A4 CD changer

I have successfully installed my CD changer following the
excellent instructions sent by Byas Nambisan.  Here are a
few additional notes for anyone doing the same.

My car has only two pop-off fasteners holding down the
flexible lining on the side of the trunk.  Both are next to the
tail light assembly.  I had to also unscrew the holders on the
plastic liner below the lip of the trunk, and to unfasten the
amplifier under the left speaker, in order to be able to pull 
the side liner away from the side of the car far enough in
order to beable to pull out the cable with the DIN connector
for the CD changer.  I did not have to unplug the amplifier,
or remove it completely; just swing it away from the liner.

The CD changer cable is about six inches behind the trunk light.
Remember to refasten the connector that you unfasten to release 
the cable.  When you pull the cable into the trunk compartment 
above the top of the trunk liner, it must hang out by a few inches, 
because the cable on the CD changer is very short.  You can plug 
the CD changer into the cable and test the changer before finishing
the installation.

I have not compared the Audi changer with other changers, but it
seems to perform well.  I took some 15mph speed bumps at 35mph
with no CD skipping.  CDs reveal a whole spectrum of high frequencies
that the Bose audio reproduces well, but are lost by the FM tuner.