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Re: IMSA, Trans Am

On Sun, 21 Jul 1996 19:24:28, STEADIRIC@aol.com writes:

>>In case anyone is checking their mail at 9:30 central Sunday morning, ESPN2
>>has a special on Audi's Trans Am and IMSA experiences RIGHT NOW!
>ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I meant to set my VCR!!!!!!!
>Did you record it???  Can I borrow the tape and have it duplicated?  If 
>so how many on the list would like a copy?

Isn't this program available commercially?  I'm sure a real, commercial copy
would be worlds better than some second hand copy, complete with off-prime
time edits and commercials.

If anyone knows, I'd like to buy a copy. too.

OBTW, those of us who live in barbarian lands sling green envy juice at all
you who can even _get_ ESPN2, and curse TPTB @ ESPN for moving nearly all
the cool coverage to a different, new channel.  Couldn't they broadcast some
of that great stuff on the main channel overnight, instead of golf, bowling,
paid ads, and other unwatchable garbage?
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