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Re: Radio volume control noisey

GeorgeS991@aol.com wrote:
I've been in there for the same reason.  A good electronic tech is not 
likely to be able to do the replacement necessary as the switch, pot, pot 
combination is too specialized.  If the part was available it would cost 
more than the Audi swap for $75 or $79 for a completely rebuilt radio.  I 
did the exchange on my 91 100 and the replacement was just like new.  
Easy job and probably less expensive than alternatives.

> My '86 5kCSQ has the standard Audi radio by Blaupunkt. The volume control has
> become noisey and intermittent.  I would prefer to replace just the volume
> control but have not been able to locate any source of replacement parts.
>  Does anyone know where I can get radio parts?
> George Simmons
> '86 5kCSQ 150k miles
> '91 200TQ 20V 75k miles
> '94 S4 22k miles