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Re: To all Charlie Smith spring users

   Jon has an iteresting idea, which is using a pressure
   bleeder instead of a voltage bleeder.  I am wondering
   what happens under vacuum, though.  How much vacuum
   leak is there.  Does the regulator act as a check vavle?
   How is the idle effected?  I don't thinkthere is another 
   check vavle in the system, although I may be mistaken.

Under full leak (disconnect ECU, leave hose open sucking max air), you
gain a coupla hundred RPM's worth of [un-metered] air (which the ECU
notices as a leaning out condition, and promptly enrichens for ya!).

Before deciding on the A/C solenoid valve (which uses metered air), I
was thinking of a controlled leak as my "fast idle" capability/switch...