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Re: A4 Estate import ?

> 	Friend of mine, a potential Audi convert, test drove an
> 	A4Q and loved it -- but wants a wagon.  He wants to know
> 	if it's at all possible to import one from Germany -- he's
> 	willing to fly over if necessary. (I think it's impossible,
> 	and I told him so, but thought I'd ask you folks anyway).

Very unlikely. No C-Klasse nor 3-series estates have been imported, so
it's unlikely the A4 Avant will be either.

As for importing one, there's always someone on the list who wants to
import one pops up now and then -- but no one ever hear them after the
initial post of saying so. There are several companies -- especially MB --
that has a program that allows U.S. customer to pick up the car on Europe.
But whether the car is U.S.-spec or Euro-spec is in question -- if it's
U.S. spec, then technically it ain't importing. If it's Euro-spec, then
it's one hellva interesting story -- and opens the possibility of
importing rare Audis.

Since A4 sedans are being imported, I don't see if there's much
difficiulties in importing different body style -- compared to, say, a
different engined model.

> 	BTW, I mentioned the A6/S6 wagons, but he thought they were
> 	too big.

What a funny friend you got... too big?

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