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TQC and Coupe Rear Light Removal

     How do I remove the rear light clusters from a 1983 ur-q, pretty sure it is 
     exactly the same as the coupe. I've removed the reflectors, they are simply 
     held on by a couple of nuts and removed the light cluster plastic cover 
     (exposing the circuit board and access to the bulbs) and the four, or was 
     it six, nuts around the periphery of the light unit. At this point I was 
     expecting the light to lift out as per the reflectors?
     I checked the Bentley and the Haynes manuals, let's just say they are not 
     very detailed on this procedure although the Bentley manual does have a one 
     page picture of the lights removed from the car, so I guess the lights are 
     separate part numbers from the rest of the body! 
     I'm thinking these are expensive units, so if anyone has had problems with 
     them breaking during the removal procedure (my guess is they are glued in) 
     I'll probbaly not bother. I just figured it would be easier when it comes 
     to getting the car painted and anyway there still some space for parts in 
     the basement!
     Thanks, Mike