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'93 90 Q Programmable Keys

When I bought my '93 90 Quattro from the Honda dealer (curse him!) it was a
demonstrator. It did not have the compliment of keys detailed in the owners
manual, so I contacted the Audi dealer 75 miles away and bought both a
straight metal key and a programmable key as a backup (call me anal

I was able to get a copy of the main programmable key made on the straight
metal key, but all the local locksmiths told me that the spare programmable
key was made of steel and that it would break their cutting machines. Quite
a few places turned me down, so I believed them. I threw the key in a
drawer, intending to get the Audi dealer to cut it for me sometime.

When I sent the car over yesterday to get the power steering leak fixed, I
sent both programmable keys over to get the spare cut. They did it, so now
I have two programmable keys with the right mechanical configuration to
work on the car. I successfully reprogrammed the car to accept the original
key, but no matter what I try, it won't accept programming for the spare

The procedure is to turn on the ignition with one key, close and lock the
door with the key you want to program, aim that key at the I/R detector,
and press the button from 1-4 times. The number of times the button is
pressed determines which memory cell will hold that key's code. The car
beeps each time you press the button to acknowledge the key press. Then you
wait 5 seconds and press the button to unlock the doors. This procedure
works fine for any memory cell with the original key, but when I try the
spare key, it beeps once and does not respond to any further pressing of
the button, even after I wait 5 seconds. Seems like it is acknowledging
receipt of the code, but is rejecting it.

Does anybody know what's going on here?

Dick Green