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Re: Bike Rack Alternative

 raf40@oes.amdahl.com writes:                                       

 RF> class 2) are smaller than that.  I looked into having a 2" receiver
 RF> hitch made for the 560SL, and decided to skip it when I heard the
 RF> price. 

     I believe the 107 bodystyle SL's such as yours share the
     same bumpers as the lowly mid seventies 240D and 300D.
     I've seen more than a few of the ole diesels in boneyards
     with hitches attached. Just make sure the aluminum insert
     isn't too oxidized on your own car.

     Mandatory Audi Content: I have a Thule Ski rack I picked
     up cheap at a flea market,($17)it fits the 5KS (haven't tried
     it on the V8 yet.) The locks are open, and there is no key,
     where can I get a key made?  Is there an adapter available
     to carry bicycles et. al. with this rack?  I've been strapping
     doors, boxes, ladders etc. on it with some success, but
     odd shaped large items are a bit tricky to keep tight.


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