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Re: Keep a look out in the UK

re: ur-q's 

i'd personnally be very careful with older ur-q's without a full service history.  a full engine rebuild
could cost you 1/2 as much as you paid for the car!

the dealer is probably correct though in that the early uk ur-q's were left hand drive and a number
were converted by audi to rhd.  they all had the analogue dash, the 6" ronal rims with the narrow
195 (or 205) 60 profile tyres.  no abs, and the brakes are a little suspect with (from memory) a
tendancy to lock early (too much front bias).  headlights were 4 square units (not the integrated 
cibie's of the 1984+ models).

the early quattro's will be classics, but i'd look for one with a full service history, and then be 
prepared to spend money on it.  unless the engine has been really well treated don't expect it to
do more than 100K miles without a re-build (at least the top end/rings/big ends).  turbo's coke
up and you may see some rust (unusual).

the 1984-88 series II model is a better car to drive.  better roadholding due to suspension mods
and better wheels/tyres.  engine not so laggy off-boost, although not as good as the 1988
2.2 litre upgrade.  lights are cibie integrated units, dash is digital (sigh) with the german mistress
berating you for not doing up the seatbelts, diff locks are now penumatic, and better controlled
via the single switch (it's no longer possible to lock the rear and not the centre diffs!).

price/performance wise, i'd go for a torsen model (1988-89) which has the water-cooled smaller turbo (k24?) , and the 2.2 litre hydralic tappet engine with much stronger bottom end and the
same top-end power.  the dash is now orange full digital and loses the voice.  brakes were
upgraded to twin callipers.  full service history and dealer support with low miles and you should
be looking at around the 10-15K gbp mark.  not sure what your budget is though....

no question that the best quattro is the 20-valve of course.  dealers such as am cars won't
sell you a pristine one owner example for under 20k gbp's although i dug the following out 
of the uk auto-trader .

"AUDI QUATTRO TURBO 20V G reg #1990, Panther Metallic Black, Grey  leather, r/alarm,
 c/locking, Thatcham approved immobilizer, Audi main dealer, engineers report available for
  inspection, 101k, ROM, excellent original condition, genuine enquires only please, 11,995.
  # Tel: (01452) 371998 eve or n/e (Glos) "

the above looks too good to be true....
hope this helps,
'93 s2
'90 ur-q