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Re: Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

Just a couple of questions from someone who confesses his ignorance to this
list and to the world.

1.  Would it be possible to switch parts with later year 80/90 models?  It
would seem grossly unfair for an early model 3 series BMW to have access to
late model 3 parts (would access to M3 parts be allowed I wonder?) but the
same not be permissible for a 4kQ with an 80/90.  If permissible, at least
the 20V engine would be legal, as well as TORSEN diffs.

2.  This is a little far fetched, but I'll take the M3 analogy a little
further.  I've seen several coupes with the 4000 logo.  They certainly are
classified as 4000s in several publications.  And is the UR-Q essentially
not a hopped up Coupe?  If you can relate the UR-Q to the coupe, and the
coupe to the 4000, then access to UR-Q parts (which includes the all
important turbo engine) should not be a stretch.  If you think about it,
this is no different from switching, say, a 320i's parts with those of an
M3.  What is necessary, of course, is to educate those that would make the
decision on Audi's model platforms.  There is no reason why nomenclature
should win over substance.

This is probably all way off, I have no idea what the rules say
specifically.  But a little imagination can often go a long way.